Sketchbook Yeagle #2

Sketchbook Yeagle #2

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Artist : Dean Yeagle
Publisher : Comix Buro
Release date : November 2012
ISBN : 9782916518602
48 colour pages – Size: 18x22 cm (7,1''x8,7'') - Softcover
The first 900 copies are numbered and signed by the artist.

A second collection of drawings by the internationally famous Playboy cartoonist and award-winning animator Dean Yeagle.

Sketchbook Yeagle #2 stars his ever-popular luscious creation Mandy, along with a cornucopia of funny animals (her mischievous dog Skoots, dinosaurs, dragons, crocodiles, etc. ), character designs, nude studies and other figure work.
The innocent and gorgeous Mandy is more than ever sexy along the pages of this new sketchbook!

The first 900 copies are numbered & signed by the artist. Minimal text.


"Dean Yeagle has spent most of his career in animation, working first for Zander's Animation Parlour in New York City and then with his own animation company, Caged Beagle Productions. In 2000, he began drawing cartoons for Playboy Magazine, and continues to do so on a regular basis. He publishes books featuring his character 'Mandy'; does design work and consulting for animation, corporate clients, comic books, children's books and advertising; and appears at comic conventions throughout the world."

With the Sketchbooks collection, COMIX BURO invites you to look through the drawing books of the best comics and illustration artists. You will discover in these sketchbooks the multiple facets of the authors’ artistic skills through new illustrations, rough sketches back from foreign countries, paintings, story-boards, eerie creatures and you will be amazed by the extent and reach of each artist’s skills’ set.

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