Sketchbook Meynet

Sketchbook Meynet

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SKU : SK40 - 2nd edition
Artist : Félix Meynet
Publisher : Comix Buro
ISBN : 978-2-916518-44-2
48 pages colour - 7,1" x 8,7" – Paperback

The 900 first copies are numbered and signed by the artist.

Félix Meynet lives in the beautiful mountains of Chablais, France, between the Mont-Blanc and the Lake Geneva. Therefore, one can imagine what his favorite themes are: mountains, adventures and... pinups! Throughout this sketchbook, Meynet shares what he loves through a fresh and sparkling drawing. You'll find elegant pinups dressed with fine lingerie or traditional costumes, western scenes, historical comics, and other pleasures as good as the finest chocolate.

2nd edition

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